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Welcome To My Home Page

My name is Peggy Keyes Williams.  I am the wonderful, wise webmistress.  On top of my slave-driving job as Secretary of Comfort Heating and Air, I pretty much take care of this entire site... the Design, the Content, the Updates, the Family Research... everything.  However, since my diagnosis of ALS, I have had to quit work and my sister Sandy Keyes Bowden has been helping me.  She is a great help.

What This Site Is About!

The original purpose of this site was Keyes Genealogy.  However, since I first started my By The Name Of Keyes Web page, I ran into some problems and had to start all over.  Also, I was recently diagnosed with ALS so I am including my ALS information in this site.

I will list recent updates and will try to keep everyone posted on my condition and how it is progressing.

I will also list my own Family Genealogy, Family Stories, Poems by family members and Poems given or sent to me since my diagnosis.

There will be Family Photos , Coats of Arms and many other things in this site.  I hope you enjoy it. 

These updates to my site are so visitors, especially return visitors, can check out the new stuff first.

Dates and a brief description of the updates:

6/13/2004   Added pictures to the Photo page.
Added links to my Links Page

6/25/2004   Updated the team points for Joshua Smith and John Smith for their racing at Red River Race Way

7/09/2004 Added information about my first ALS Clinic in Houston

8/26/2004 Today my arms are beginning to sting in the muscles in the back of my arms. I don't know how I am going to handle it when I loose the use of my hands and arms.

Joshua Keyes Genealogy

The Genealogy on this site is about the decendants of Joshua Keyes and his wife, Sarah.  Joshua was born in 1775 in North Carolina and Sarah died in North Carolina.  There will be more about the decendants on another page.  This site is still under construction and I will add information as often as I can.  I will try to add some every day.  

My Genealogy on All Lines

My Keyes Line

1. Joshua Franklin Keyes was born in 1775 in North Carolina. He married Rachel Sarah and I descend from their fourth child, Joseph Berry Keyes, Sr.

2. Joseph Berry Keyes, Sr. was born December 19, 1819 in South Carolina. He married Elizabeth Ann Sellers who was born August 29, 1825 in Covington or Smith County, Mississippi. She was the daughter of John Sellers and Sarah Juriah McLemore of South Carolina. John Sellers father was Andrew M. Sellers and Sarah Juriah McLemore was the daughter of Richard McLemore born 1773 and Nancy Sellers. I descend from Joseph Berry Keyes, Sr. and Elizabeth Ann Sellers' fifth child, Joseph Berry Keyes, Jr.

3. Joseph Berry Keyes, Jr. was born February 1853 in Mississippi. He married Eliza Jane McAlpin who was born August 1853. She was the daughter of John McAlpin and Elizabeth McNatt. John was born ca. 1800-1820 probably in North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia and is the son of Malcolm McAlpin. Malcolm is the son of Angus McAlpin. Elizabeth was born February 1812 in South Carolina. I descend from Joseph Berry Keyes, Jr. and Eliza Jane McAlpin's sixth child, William Franklin Keyes, Sr.

4. William Franklin Keyes, Sr. was born February 16, 1888 in Mississippi. He married Lyda May Bratcher who was born ca. 1894 in Mississippi. She was the daughter of Bud Bratcher and Kim Bratcher. I descend from William Franklin Keyes, Sr. and Lyda May Bratcher's first child, Joseph Franklin Keyes, Sr.

5. Joseph Franklin Keyes, Sr. was born February 26, 1912 in Trenton, Mississippi. He married Emma Viola Bearden who was born April 1, 1924 in Natchez, Mississippi. She is the daughter of William Edgar Bearden and Rosie Carrie DeCota. William Edgar Bearden was the son of William Riley Bearden and Emma Frances Smith. Rosie Carrie DeCota was the daughter of Samuel DeCota and Margaret Brown. I am the fourth child of Joseph Franklin Keyes and Emma Viola Bearden. My name is Peggy Louise Keyes.

6. Peggy Louise Keyes was born March 14, 1945 in Tallulah, Louisiana. I married John Lee Smith, Sr. and we had two children: John Lee Smith, Jr. and Marla Michelle Smith. Marla was stillborn on February 5, 1971.

7. John Lee Smith, Jr.
was born May 27, 1966 in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He married Wanda Marie Reed. They had two children, my grandchildren, Sarah Samantha Smith and Joshua Bryan Smith.

8. Sarah Samantha Smith was born July 10, 1989 at Rush Hospital in Meridian, Mississippi.

8. Joshua Bryan Smith
was born July 8, 1991 in Russellville, Arkansas.

7. Marla Michelle Smith was born February 5, 1971 at University Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. She was stillborn. She is buried in the Acuff Family Cemetery in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

My McLemore Line

1. William McIlmore

2. William Macklemore died in Scotland. He married Mary (Marie) Aiken

3. James J. Macklemore
was born in Scotland and died in North Carolina. He married Fortune Gilliam. Fortune was the daughter of John Gilliam and Margaret Henshaw.

4. William McLemore

5. Richard McLemore, Sr.

6. Sarah Juriah McLemore

* See #2 in My Keyes Line
and follow it. This McLemore Line follows down same as Keyes Line from this point.

Coats of Arms

 In all of my research I have come across two KEYES COATS OF ARMS.  Each is listed here.


From the books of heraldry is the following descriptions of "KEYES' Coat of Arms".  "KEYES. (co. Kent.) Gu, (red), a chev, (a chevron0, erm, (ermine), between three leopards' heads, ar, (silver or white).  Another, or, (gold or yellow).

KEYES.  The same arms. CREST, A griffin's head between two wings, holding a palm branch, ppr. (proper).

The Coat of Arms illustrated here belonged to SOLOMON of Chelmsford.  It was taken from a colored wall or the old homestead in Chelmsford, placed there before the recollection of any one now living.  The shield is there represented as 'or', the bars and other parts, 'Gu'.  The ermine may be seen in the illustration, also the griffins and palm branches, supporting the shield.  A descendant of JOHN of Lancaster sends us a seal with the impression of a griffin's head between two wings, as the crest, of the arms, of that branch of the family.  He has also the mailed head of a warrier, which appears in the illustration.  These facts seem to make it probable thet the ROBERT and SOLOMON families, are different branches of the same head.

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Joseph and Emma's Ten Children

Katherine Marie Keyes born October 25, 1940
Betty Lou Keyes born March 5 1942
Joseph Franklin Keyes, Jr. born January 21, 1944
Peggy Louise Keyes born March 14, 1945
Edgar Ray Keyes born August 2, 1946
Charles Edward Keyes born August 3, 1948
Mary Jeanette Keyes born September 8, 1950
Robert Wayne Keyes born July 4, 1952
Marilyn Ann Keyes was born May 21, 19
Sandra Lynn Keyes born August 4, 1957

1. Katherine Marie Keyes was born October 25, 1940 in Natchez, MS. in the Charity Hospital. She graduated from Tallulah High School in Tallulah,LA in 1959 and ended Draughon's Business School in Jackson, MS. She also agraduated from Commercial Business College in Vicksburg, MS. in 1962 where she was nominated Secretary of the Month one time in 1962. During that time she helped organize a group called Future Secretaries Association of America to which she was nominated Recording Secretary. She married the first time, Clinton Haskel Gatlin on December 18, 1960. They divorced in March of 1977 and on April 2, 1977 she married Estus Kendal Hurley "E.K.". He died in 1986. She lives in Monroe,LA. Marie had one child by Haskel Gatlin. His name is Clinton Haskel Gatlin, Jr. He married a girl from Winnsboro,LA. and had 2 daughters before they got a divorce.

2. Betty Lou Keyes was born March 5, 1942 in Newellton, Tensas Parish, LA. and married Huey Miles from Lake Providence, LA. They had three sons; James Huey Miles, Steven Wade Miles and David Wayne Miles. Betty and Huey have numerous grandchildren.

3. Joseph Franklin Keyes, Jr.. was born January 21, 1944. He graduated from Tallulah High School in Tallulah, LA. in 1962. He married first, Shirley Brown from Newellton, LA. and had two daughters by her. Their names are Debra Rene' Keyes and Sherri Denise Keyes. His second wife was Linda Walstrom and he had a daughter and a son by her. Their names are Tammy Jodene Keyes and Joseph Franklin Keyes, III. Joe, Jr. has approximately six grandchildren.

4. Peggy Louise Keyes was born March 14, 1945 in Tallulah, LA. She graduated from Tallulah High School in 1964. She graduated from Tallulah Vocational Technical School in 1979 in the first Graduating Class from that school. I think that the name has been changed to Louisiana Technical School now. I also attended Mississippi State University in Meridian, MS.

I married John Lee Smith, Sr. on April 16, 1965 and divorced him in 1977. I then married Howard Tanksley. This was a bad mistake. This marriage only lasted seven weeks. My third marriage to Berry Gray was a little better until the Casinos came to town and and he started gambling too much. My fourth and LAST marriage is to a wonderful guy, Curtis Bryan Williams. He does not have a mean bone in his body and really cares for me. This one is a keeper and this marriage WILL last.

From my marriage to John Smith, Sr. I had a son, John Lee Smith, Jr. and a daughter, Marla Michelle Smith. Marla was stillborn on February 5, 1971.

John married Wanda Marie Reed and they had a daughter, Sarah Samantha Smith and a son, Joshua Bryan Smith.

5.Edgar Ray Keyes,Sr. was born August 2, 1946. He married Susan Carole Nolan on August 1, 1969 and on August 2, 1969. They eloped and got married by a Justice of the Peace on the 1st and then had a Preacher perform the Ceremony on the 2nd.  So he married her twice.

Edgar is the Ball Player in the Family and has coached all ages in all Ball Sports. He also says that he is better looking than Joe and he is a much better wood craftsman than Joe.

Edgar and Susan had 3 kids. They are Lori Shawnta Keyes, who was born May 7, 1970 and Kami Sharlyn Keyes, who was born June 17, 1972 and Edgar Ray Keyes, Jr. who was born in Richland Parish Hospital in Delhi, La.

6.Charles Edward Keyes was born August 3, 1948 in Tallulah, La. He married Vickie Sue Mosley October 11, 1973. Charles had a daughter Angela Michelle McCullum born October 2, 1971 at Conway Hospital in Monroe, La. Charles and Vickie had 2 kids: Charles Edward Keyes Jr. born March 28, 1976 in Tallulah at the Madison Parish Hospital and Christina Michelle Keyes born May 29, 1980 in the Richland Parish Hospital in Delhi, La.

7. Mary Jeanette Keyes was born September 8, 1950 in Tallulah, La. She graduated from Newellton High School in 1969. She married Henry Dale Sharplin August 1, 1969. They divorced Feburary 6, 1976. She married Bennie Ray Boman July 19, 1977. From her marriage to Dale she had 3 kids. Henry Dale Sharplin, Jr. born on December 17, 1969 at Mercy Hospital in Vicksburg, Ms. Little Dale graduated from Quitman High School in May 1987. He attended Meridian Community College August 1987 to August 1988. Joe Len Sharplin was born on July 7, 1972 at University Medical Center in Jackson Ms., and Sherrie Lynn Sharplin was born on December 4, 1975 at University Medical Center in Jackson, Ms.

From her marriage to Bennie she had 2 kids. Crystal Rae Boman born on November 16, 1981 at University Medical Center in Jackson, Ms. and Bennie Rae Boman, II born on November 19, 1985 at Jeff Anderson Regional Medical Center in Meridian, Ms.

Bennie had 3 children by his first marriage LaJenna Boman, Sondra Boman, and Robbie Boman. Bennie later adopted Jeanette's kids by her first marriage and changed thier names to Boman.

8. Robert Wayne Keyes was born July 4, 1952. Robert joined the army when he was 17 years old in 1969. A few months after he joined he was sent to Vietnam.

Robert married Cynthia Marie Britton. They had 4 kids. Robert Wayne Keyes, Jr. born on March 29, 1975 in Jackson, Ms. Dustin Wade Keyes born on Janurary 11, 1981 at Vicksburg Hospital in Vicksburg, Ms. Twin girls were born 1 minute apart at University Medical Center in Jackson, Ms. Cori Michelle Keyes born December 21, 1984 and Cari Rene' Keyes December 21, 1984.

9. Marilyn Ann Keyes was born May 21, 1954. She graduated from Tallulah High School May 1973 in Tallulah, La. She married Bobby Joel Armstrongon December 1, 1972. They had 3 kids.Bobby Joel Armstrong, Jr.born Janurary 13, 1974. Barry Allen Armstrong born on June 26, 1980 and Heather Renee Armstrong born on December 21, 1981.

10. Sandra Lynn Keyes was born August 4, 1957 in Delhi, La. and married Kenneth Roy Armstrong June 15, 1976 and divorced him May 14, 1981.

Sandy married Lloyd DeWayne Bowden from Meridian, Ms. May15, 1981. From her marriage to Kenneth, she had 2 kids. Kenneth Roy Armstrong Jr. born on December 24, 1974 in Monroe, Conway Hospital and Donna Michelle Armstrong born on June 9, 1976 in Vicksburg, Ms. Donna was named after my daughter Marla Michelle Smith.

From her marriage to Lloyd, she had 2 kids. Lloyd Michael Bowden born on June 6, 1982 at Jeff Anderson's Memorial Hospital in Meridian, Ms. and Joseph Preston Bowden born July 12, 1985 at Mattie Hersee Hospital in Meridian, Ms.

Lloyd had 2 kids by his first wife Stephen DeWayne Bowden born November 20, 1975 at Rush Hospital in Meridian and Mary Catherine Bowden born June 22, 1977 at Rush Hospital in Meridian, Ms.

Kenneth Armstrong Jr. married Angela Taylor from Meridian and they had a daughter Sarah Elizabeth Armstrong. They divorced and he married Dianna Windham from Meridian and they had 2 kids, Dylan Austin Armstrong born September 25,1998 in Tupelo, Ms. at the Women's Clinic. Dylan was born with Spinal Bifida and had to be taken to Memphis, Tn. to LeBonhour to have surgery. Haley Brooke Armstrong was born May 1, 2001 in Meridian, Ms.

Donna married Brian Matthew Caldwell in January 1993. They had 2 kids. Stormy Caldwell born in Tupelo, Ms. at the Women's Clinic on November 22, 1993. Summer Michelle Caldwell was born in Tupelo, Ms. at the Women's Clinic on May 8, 1996.
Donna divorced Brian and married Clarence Russell Reed. They had 2 children Dillan Drake Caldwell born in Tupelo, Ms. at the Women's Clinic on June 23,1998 and Michael Allen Reed born in Tupelo at the Women's Clinic on March 23, 2001.

Sandy and Lloyd now has adopted Donna's first 2 children, Stormy and Summer.


This is the cover of my Keyes Genealogy book.  I believe, from all of the research that I have done that the #1 Coat of Arms is the Coat of Arms of the Keyes family that I descend from.


This KEYES Coat of Arms was drawn by an heraldic artist from information officially recorded in ancient heraldic archives. Documentation for this design is found in Burke's General Armory. Heraldic artists of old developed their own unique language to describe an individual Coat of Arms. In their language, the Arms (shield) is as follows: "Per chevron gu., and sa., three keys or, the wards of the two in chief facing each other and of the one in base to the sinister; on a canton arg. a lion rampant of the first". Above the shield and helmet is the Crest which is described as: "An open hand couped at the wrist ppr., holding betw. the forefinger and the thumb a key or". When translated the blazon describes the original colors of the Keyes Arms and Crest as it appeared centuries ago.

Family mottos are believed to have originated as battle cries in Medieval times. A Motto was recorded with this Keyes Coat of Arms: "VIRTUTE ADEPTA".

Individual surnames originated for the purpose of more specific identification. The four primary sources for second names were: Occupation, Location, Father's name, or person characteristics. The surname KEYES appears to be locational in origin, and is believed to be associated with the English, meaning "sojourner at the boat-landing place". Different spellings of the same original surname are a common occurence.

Although bearers of the old and distinguished KEYES name comprise a small fraction of the population there are a number who have established for it a significant place in history.



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